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Esmacat Software


Esmacat Master Software

Esmacat Master Software is an open-source EtherCAT master library written in C/C++, allowing developers to create their own Esmacat solutions.

The software is available to be cloned on our Bitbucket Repository to be used on your applications. The software works on both Linux and Windows operating systems. Please see our available tutorials to set up the software on your device.

For a high-performance solution, our Esmacat Master Software is delivered with our Esmacat Master S or Master C. The Esmacat Master Software is optimally deployed on a RT-Linux for a high-speed and real-time application.


EtherCAT Arduino Shield by Esmacat (EASE)

For our EtherCAT Arduino Shield by Esmacat (EASE), we created a simple Arduino library so that users can easily use EASE for their own applications.


The functions available to the user found in our Arduino library are explained in detail in our EASE tutorial located on our tutorials page.


Our EASE Arduino library as well as the example sketch described in the EASE tutorial can be found in our EASE Bitbucket repository button below.