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The Esmacat Motor Driver 250 is a powerful brushed and brushless motor driver for high speed control that robotic applications demand, especially when safety around humans is a priority. It is capable of up to 250W continuous (750W peak) and integrating quadrature encoders and hall sensor inputs along with 7 Digital IO pins and 2 analog inputs for integration of any other sensors that are used in the motor system. The EtherCAT protocol and Power-over-EtherCAT (POE) technology allows high speed communication and flexible connectivity by supporting daisy-chain wiring. and it is capable of continuous motor power of up to 250W. The Motor Driver 250 is a part of the Esmacat suite and is the ideal motor control solution for both novice and expert robotics engineers due to its easy programmable master software and hardware setup.

Esmacat Motor Driver 250

SKU: ES020101
    • Integrated Power Supply (Power-over-EtherCAT)
    • Quadrature Encoder (Max sampling rate: 1MHz)
    • Hall Sensor Inputs (for BLDC motor)
    • 7 Digital I/O Pins (Selectable I/O direction)
    • 2 Analog Inputs (12bit / 0-5V ADC converter)