Esmacat Demo Kit with Master S or C

Connected Kit with Zero Setup Time to Demonstrate Esmacat Product Line Capabilities

This kit ships to you with fully functional components that demonstrate the hard real-time control capabilities of Esmacat hardware. Use this kit to plan how Esmacat can meet your application's needs. Test out Esmacat's features including an easy to setup C++ environment and flexible input/output on the Motor Driver 250 or Loadcell Interface.

Feature Highlights

  • Esmacat Motor Driver 250

  • Esmacat Loadcell Interface

  • Choice of Esmacat Master S or C

  • BLDC Motor with Quadrature Encoder

  • Loadcell Sensor with Integrated DIO Stande

  • Power-Over-EtherCAT (PoE) Injector

    • 24 V Logic Power Supply (US or EU)​

  • Potentiometer for Sample Analog Input​

  • All Required Ethernet, Sensor, and Power Cables are Connected

  • No Assembly Required!


Master Software

Esmacat provides EtherCAT master software already preloaded onto the Esmacat Master S and C for minimal setup time. Simply power the Master S or C, log in with the provided account info, build your program on QT creator or however you choose, run the program, and you are good to go!

The master software is C++ based and can be edited to fit your applications if need be.

Screensot of Esmacat Master code