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Esmacat EtherCAT Slave Demo Kit

Connected Kit to Demonstrate Esmacat Product Line Capabilities

Obsolete as of May 2022

This kit ships to you with fully functional components that demonstrate the hard real-time control capabilities of Esmacat hardware. Use this kit to plan how Esmacat can meet your application's needs. Test out Esmacat's features including an easy to setup C++ environment and flexible input/output on the Motor Driver 250 or Loadcell Interface.

Feature Highlights

  • Esmacat Motor Driver 250

  • Esmacat Loadcell Interface

  • BLDC Motor with Quadrature Encoder

  • Loadcell Sensor with Integrated DIO Stande

  • Power-Over-EtherCAT (PoE) Injector

    • 24 V Logic Power Supply (US or EU)​

  • Potentiometer for Sample Analog Input​

  • All Required Ethernet, Sensor, and Power Cables are Connected

  • No Assembly Required!

  • To be used with Esmacat Master Software project example


Master Software

Esmacat provides free EtherCAT master software that already contain the specific device drivers and example projects to run the demo kit application.

Screensot of Esmacat Master code
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