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Esmacat Miniature EtherCAT Base Module

Custom Solutions

Customized Esmacat devices to fit your exact needs

Esmacat is a powerful and flexible ecosystem, not merely a set of limited and rigid slaves! This allows us to easily develop custom EtherCAT slave solutions to meet your exact needs in terms of actuators, sensors and control algorithms. As robotics engineers, we understand the issues and complexity that arise when developing robots. Our expertise in robotics includes, but is not limited to, both high-level and low-level hardware and software.

Custom Solutions: Welcome

One example of customization merged the functionality of our Motor Driver 250 and 16CH Loadcell interface into a single board to enable compact control of a force sensing actuator module.

Other requests have included:

  • Duplication of functions

  • The incorporation of specific connectors and pinouts

  • Firmware additions to interfaces with specific sensor protocols

  • The addition of customer requested hardware directly onto an Esmacat slave

  • Integrating our miniature Esmacat EtherCAT base module with existing technologies giving them simple EtherCAT slave capabilities


We have a sub-team that specializes in end-to-end solutions involving the setup of hardware, sensors, actuators and control to deliver highly polished robots for our customer's use. We have also responded to change requests on the Esmacat server side as well.

If you have any applications that we can help you with, please contact us on our contact page and we will get back to you ASAP!

Custom Solutions: Text
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