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The Easiest Mechatronics & Software Solution for High-Speed Motion Control and Sensor Interfacing!

Esmacat is the first commercially available and easy-to-use EtherCAT solution tailored to the needs of robotic applications, and has found its greatest use in the fields of haptics, medical robotics and, controls research.

It was born out the needs of advanced robotic exoskeletons that were making the transition from cutting-edge research prototypes to industrial grade products. The first versions were built to serve as the main mechatronics platform for the 14 DoF Harmony exoskeleton at our parent company Harmonic Bionics in 2016.

Development took a turn following requests from multiple small robotics companies that were faced with the need to develop their own custom EtherCAT solutions, as well as other academic research labs. The system was refined into a highly modular and versatile platform, branded & registered, and paired with the development of an easy-to-use C++ API accessible to beginner programmers but still powerful enough for advanced users. And thus the complete Esmacat suite in its currently recognizable form was released into the world.

Today, we continue to operate out of Austin, Texas - a city that calls itself the live music capital of the world, consistently tops the charts of 'best cities to live in the United States', and is one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the country! Our engineers work closely with the robotic exoskeleton teams at Harmonic Bionics as well as with customers on customized Esmacat solutions, ever making improvements to ensure that it continues to be a stellar product.

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