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Esmacat 16CH Analog Input

Simple EtherCAT-Based Analog Voltage Input Interface

Obsolete as of May 2022

The Esmacat 16CH Analog Input is the easiest, precise integrated EtherCAT solution to read analog signals from sensors. Its various programmable input range and error minimization technology, such as the successive approximation register (SAR) ADC mechanism, ensure the precision of measurement allowing 16 bit effective resolution. Its Power-over-EtherCAT (POE) technology allows high speed communication and flexible connectivity by supporting daisy-chain wiring.  The 16CH Analog Input is a part of the Esmacat suite and is the ideal analog signal interface for both novice and expert robotics engineers due to its compact size, easy programmable master software, and hardware setup.

*Note: The Esmacat 16CH Analog Input uses a PoE input voltage rating of 24VDC. Please see datasheet for more details.*

Feature Highlights

  • Integrated Power Supply

    • Power-over-EtherCAT

  • Over Voltage Tolerant

    • ±16.5 V Over Voltage​ Tolerant Input

  • 7 Digital I/O Pins

    • Selectable I/O Direction​

  • 16 Channel Single-Ended Inputs

    • Programmable Range:​

      • 0 V to 6 V​

      • -6 V to 0V

      • 0 V to 12 V

      • -12 V to 0 V

      • ±3 V

      • ±6 V

      • ±12 V

  • 8 Differential Inputs

    • Programmable Range​

      • ±6 V​

      • ±12 V

      • ±24 V


Incorporating the Esmacat 16CH Analog Input Into Your Project

We have plenty of supporting material on our tutorials page, including this YouTube video and many more, on how to get started with the 16 CH Analog Input Interface. All our material uses the Esmacat Master software for simple setup but the 16 CH Analog Input interface is compatible with all EtherCAT masters via a few extra steps. 


Master Software

Esmacat provides EtherCAT master software to control the motor driver (position control and velocity control included) through a daisy-chain topology filled with Ethernet cables from an EtherCAT master. Our free open-source master software compatible on both Windows and Linux can be found on our Software page. Our analog input is also compatible with 3rd party EtherCAT master devices.

Screensot of Esmacat Master code
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