The Easiest Mechatronics & Software Solution for High-Speed Motion Control and Sensor Interfacing!

Esmacat is an easy yet powerful EtherCAT solution for robot mechatronics. Our Esmacat master/slave hardware and software developed with EtherCAT technology allow users to set up and run an EtherCAT application within minutes!


Connect Arduino Boards, Arduino-Like Boards, and Arduino Shields with EASE!

One of the smallest EtherCAT based motor drivers for high-speed communication robotic applications!

E.A.S.E connects multiple Arduino boards, Arduino Shields, and other products compatible with the Arduino-connector through the EtherCAT protocol which is an industry standard for modern robotics communication. Engineers and hobbyists can develop large-scale applications by communicating with multiple connected devices seamlessly and easily with E.A.S.E while taking advantage of the Arduino ecosystem. We are running a crowdfunding campaign with Crowd Supply for EASE. EASE is available for sale on Crowd Supply and will be shipped out early March. Check out our EASE product page and EASE FAQ for more info as well including a schematic, datasheet, ESI file, and more.

Due to the demand of modern robotics components decreasing in size, we decided to shrink Esmacat’s Motor Driver 250 down to a size that will fit in the palm of your hand! The Esmacat Mini Torque Driver 250 (W: 61.4 mm, L: 42.4 mm, H: 18.1 mm) is one of the smallest EtherCAT based motor drivers and although it has a small form factor, it packs quite a punch for high-performance robotic needs. Check out the Mini Torque Driver 250 product page for more information. You can also contact us for more information including a price quote. We are working hard to provide more material including tutorials, reference code, and images so check out our website periodically for updates!


Esmacat products harness the powerful technology of EtherCAT which is rapidly gaining popularity in the robotics industry for its real time capabilities. We aim to dramatically increase ease of accessibility of EtherCAT to all users wanting or needing this high-performance communication protocol.

Our simple-to-use products are available on our product page. Our resources page directs users to different materials to help you get started with Esmacat products for your own applications.


Contact us for a quote on any products of your choice.


With our expertise in the robotics industry, we are available to create a customized solution for your application using our Esmacat products. Our products can be easily manipulated or even combined to satisfy all of your EtherCAT needs.

Whether you want EtherCAT to control a small university robotics project or to be integrated with an existing product, our team of robotics engineers are ready to tackle any challenge to satisfy your needs.

Fill out our contact form for any custom solution requests or for more information about our customizable EtherCAT base module and we will get back to you right away!




Esmacat's miniature EtherCAT base module can be redesigned with minimal changes for integration with existing products/projects.


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